General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-366)
Staff Reporter | 20-06-26

Q. The Tanintharyi National Park (TNP) is located in which country?

? Myanmar

Q. The ‘Dronacharya Award’ is given to which field ?

? Coaches

Q. For which purpose, Alauddin Khilji created “Diwan-i-Riyasat”?

? Market control

Q. Which part of Bombay (now Mumbai) is known as Old Woman’s Island?

? Colaba

Q. Which plants is the first shore- based steel plant in India?

? Vishakhapatnam steel plant

Q. Who founded the Satvahan Dynasty?

? Simukha

Q. What is the other name of Galileo’s law of falling bodies?

? Newton’s first law

Q. Ghagghar is the main and only seasonal river of which state ?

? Haryana

Q. What was the name of the silver coins issued by Guptas?

? Rupaka

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Biki chowdhury
Biki chowdhury
2 years ago


Biki chowdhury
Biki chowdhury
2 years ago
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