General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-363)
Stuff Reporter | 20-06-19

Q. Who established Tattvabodhini Sabha?

? Debendranath Tagore

Q. Which ocean is also called Herring pond?

? Atlantic Ocean

Q. “Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan” covers the students from which among the following age groups?

? 14-18 Years

Q. National Research Centre for Grapes is located at which place?

? Pune

Q. What was UNIVAC?

? A computer

Q. March of the Volunteers is the national anthem of which countries?

? China

Q. 1853 is a landmark in India’s Transport because of ?

? First train

Q. Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India for the first time during the reign of which Mughal Emperors?

? Shah Alam-II

Q. Who was the first Saka king in India?

? Moga

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