General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-361)
Stuff Reporter | 20-06-16

Q. At which Harappan sites, terracotta female figures were discovered?

? Mohenjo-daro

Q. The city of Azimabad , which was abandoned since 7th century AD was revived by Shershah Suri and thus he founded the modern ________?

? Patna

Q. Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?

? Madhya Pradesh

Q. Which animal is the main attraction in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park?

? One-horned rhinoceros

Q. Which neighbouring country of India is also reffered as ‘Druk Yul’?

? Bhutan

Q. The instrument that measures arterial blood pressure is known as :

? Sphygmomanometer

Q. Which state in India has the largest coal reserves?

? Jharkhand

Q. Amazon river flows through which countrie?

? Brazil

Q. Which king was also known as Mamallan (great wrestler)?

? Narasimhavarman I

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Abdul razzak shaikh
Abdul razzak shaikh
10 months ago

Aur high tuf question and answers give me

Md Abdul Khabir
Md Abdul Khabir
10 months ago