General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-359)
Staff Reporter | 20-06-13

Q. Nokrek Biosphere reserve is located in which state?

? Meghalaya

Q. Which movements of “Touch me not plant” lead to closing of its leaves when touched?

? Seismonastic movements

Q. In which year Lead Bank Scheme was introduced?

? 1969

Q. Causing agent of which disease produces Integrase enzyme?


Q. Who was the founder of Haryanaka dynasty?

? Bimbisara

Q. Which Viceroy passed the Vernacular Press Act and the Arms Act of 1878?

? Lord Lytton

Q. Red Data Book is published by ___-?

? International Union For The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources

Q. Which country was earlier known as Formosa?

? Taiwan

Q. Which city of India used first electricity commercially ?

? Darjeeling

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