General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-356)
Staff Reporter | 20-06-09

Q. Which act ended the “Trade Monopoly” of the East India Company?

? The Charter act of 1813

Q. What was the original name of Mirabehn, an associate and disciple of Mahatma Gandhi?

? Madeline Slade

Q. The gastric acid which is secreted by the stomach epithelium cells is actually which of the following ?


Q. Bubo bubo is the scientific name of which of the following species?

? Owl

Q. The world’s tallest statue of Mahatma Gandhi is in which citie?

? Patna

Q. The Nameri National Park (NNP) is located in which district of Assam?

? Sonitpur

Q. Which among the following instruments is used for measuring altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy ?

? Quadrant

Q. Bagh caves near Gwalior represent the paintings of which era?

? Gupta Era

Q. Which of the following took birth with Treaty of Asunción?

? Mercosur

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Kunal Das
Kunal Das
2 years ago

Bubo bubo is the scientific name of Eurasian Eagle!!