General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-355)
Staff Reporter | 20-06-08

Q. In which year, Partition of Bengal was annulled?

? 1911

Q. Which country produced world’s first cloned camel?


Q. In which state, you will find the Gondwana hills?

? Madhya Pradesh

Q. The Civil Services Day (CSD) is celebrated on which day in India?

? April 21

Q. Kathak is classical dance of which region?

? North India

Q. Himalayan mountain range falls which type of mountains?

? Fold Mountain

Q. Who translated “Gita Govinda” in 1792?

? Sir Willam Jones

Q. On which date the country observed Police Commemoration Day ?

? October 21

Q. Which was the capital of the Mauryan Empire?

? Pataliputra

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Apu Thakur
Apu Thakur
3 years ago

North India