General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-347)
Staff Reporter | 20-05-28

Q. Lac is the scarlet resinous secretion from ________?

? Insects

Q. Which substances is being used most commonly for producing synthetic jet Fuel?

? Coal

Q. In Binary System, the power of _____ is used .

? 2

Q. Which rulers of Delhi Sultanate faced maximum number of Mongol Attacks?

? Alauddin Khilji

Q. The Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary (JWS) is located in which state/UT?

? Gujarat

Q. Which is the largest Bay of the world?

? Bay of Bengal

Q. The ‘Tebhega’ movement of 1946 is associated with which of the current states of India?

? West Bengal

Q. In which year, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was conferred Bharat Ratna?

? 1992

Q. Shirin Ebadi, the first Muslim woman to win a Nobel Prize is a citizen of which countrie?

? Iran

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Sachin Sinha
Sachin Sinha
2 years ago

Sir, ai set banglai korun, karon banglai korle amer subidha hoto….