General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-346)
Staff Reporter | 20-05-27

Q. Earth’s Deepest point ‘Mariana trench’ is located in which oceans?

? Pacific Ocean

Q. Who known as Maratha Machiavelli?

? Nana Phadnavis

Q. Which part of the Himalayas lies between Satluj and Kali rivers?

? Kumaon Himalayas

Q. Where was the first Engineering College of India located?

? Roorkee

Q. Who is related to ” Servants of India Society”?

? Gopal Krishna Gokhle

Q. Which is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government?

? Medal of Honor

Q. A Public Debt Office works as investment banker to the _____?

? Government

Q. The force that binds the neutrons and protons in a nucleus is called as:

? Strong Nuclear Force

Q. The Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary (TWS) is located in which state?

? Tripura

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