General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-335)
Staff Reporter | 20-05-11

Q. The Grand Trunk Road or GT Road is one of South Asia’s oldest and longest major roads. It traverses through_______?

? India, Pakistan & Bangladesh

Q. In which year Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act came into force ?

? 2006

Q. Between which countries is located the 1,200 km long Langeled pipeline, the world’s second longest underwater pipeline?

? Norway and United Kingdom

Q. The first Indian Mathematician who treated Mathematics as a different discipline?

? Aryabhatta

Q. Who built the tomb of itmad ud daula?

? Nur Jahan

Q. The Sabarmati river originates in which ranges?

? The Aravallis

Q. What is the Modern name of a country which has Abyssinia as its old name?

? Ethiopia

Q. The Akan Mashu National Park (AMNP) is located in which country?

? Japan

Q. Namdapha National Park is located in which state?

? Arunachal Pradesh

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Bidhan sardar
Bidhan sardar
2 years ago

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Santanu Mondal
Santanu Mondal
2 years ago

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