General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-331)
Staff Reporter | 20-05-07

Q. What is the name of India’s first woman jawan?

? Shanti Tigga

Q. Which is the first country to issue research licenses for human embryonic cloning to create stem cells?

? Britain

Q. On which river, is the Bhakra Nangal Dam of India built?

? Sutlej

Q. In which state, India’s first Defence University has been set up?

? Haryana

Q. ‘Rovers Cup’ is associated with which sport?

? Football

Q. Vijay Diwas is celebrated on what date every year?

? December 16

Q. Which book was written by Shashi Tharoor?

? An Era of Darkness

Q. World Meteorological day is celebrated on:

? March 23rd

Q. Hirakud Dam, one of world’s longest earthen dams is located in which state?

? Odisha

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Sandipan Bauri
Sandipan Bauri
2 years ago

What is qualification

Santanu Mondal
Santanu Mondal
2 years ago

Very helpful…