General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-330)
Staff Reporter | 20-05-06

Q. The term “Boycott of British Goods” was used in which movements?

? Swadeshi Movement

Q. What is the full form of “BRA” as used in banking field?

? Banking Regulation Act

Q. Which metal is highest electrical conductivity as well as highest thermal conductivity?

? Silver

Q. Manyakheta (modern Malkhed) on the banks of Kagina River in Gulbarga district, Karnataka state was the capital of ______?

? Rastrakutas

Q. Jamuna river of Bangladesh is _______river of India?

? Brahamputra

Q. Which of the first planet in the solar system to be visited by a Spacecraft?

? Venus

Q. What is the full form of ICERT?

? Indian Computer Emergency Response Team

Q. Gandhi ji went to England to study at University College, London (UCL). What did Gandhi study in England?

? Law

Q. Who is first Indian to win an individual gold medal at any Olympic Games?

? Abhinav Bindra

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