General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-324)
Staff Reporter | 20-04-30

Q. World’s oldest co-educational boarding school Dollar Academy is located in which of the following countries?

? Scotland

Q. Which country is world’s largest tea exporter?

? China

Q. Which party observed the “Black Day” on July 3, 1947 against Partition of India?

? Hindu Mahasabha

Q. Which Greek ruler sent Megathenes in the court of Chandragupta Maurya?

? Seleucus Nicator

Q. Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs is located at:

? Gurgaon

Q. Which organ in human body is responsible for water balance?

? Kidney

Q. What is the earlier name of “Leh Singhe-Khababs Festival”?

? Sindhu Darshan

Q. Which Country doesn’t have a written Constitution?

? Israel,New Zealand,Saudi arabia,United Kingdom and Canada.

Q. In which year the Damodar Valley Corporation which is first multipurpose river valley project of India was launched?

? 1948

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