General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-323)
Staff Reporter | 20-04-29

Q. Which device is used to measure the speed of wind ?

? Anemometer

Q. Clouded Leopard National Park is located in which state?

? Tripura

Q. The Flamingo Festival is celebrated in__?

? Andhra Pradesh

Q. In which among the following years, RMS Titanic sank?

? 1912

Q. Acharanga Sutra is associated with which religions?

? Jainism

Q. Which day is observed to commemorate the signature of the Montreal Protocol?

? International Ozone Day

Q. What is water gas?

? Mixture of CO and H2

Q. Rickets is caused due to the deficiency of which vitamins?

? Vitamin D

Q. Which is a chemical formula of quicklime?

? CaO

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