General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-319)
Staff Reporter | 20-04-25

Q. In which states, Government had identified maximum number of Ecologically Sensitive Zones under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986?

? Maharatsra

Q. How long does the Earth take to turn 1° Longitude during its rotation?

? 4 minutes

Q. What is the name of the Upper House of the European Union?

? Council of the European Union

Q. In which year, Peacock was declared National Bird of India?

? 1963

Q. The Red fort in Delhi was the residence of emperors of which dynasty in the 16th century?

? Mughal

Q. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is the only Elephant Reserve of which states?

? Karnataka

Q. The Bapu Gaidhani Awards are a part of which awards in India?

? National Bravery Awards

Q. An IP address constitutes how many bit number?

? 32

Q. Which was the first brand, Sachin Tendulkar endorsed in the beginning of his career?

? Boost

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Avijit Mazumdar
Avijit Mazumdar
3 years ago

It is useful for general knowledge.

3 years ago