General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-314)
Staff Reporter | 20-04-20

Q. Which dynasty is credited for establishing peace in the country after the decline of maurya Empire?

? Saatvahanas

Q. Which roads negotiates four high passes of the world in the Himalayas?

? Leh to Manali

Q. Which Chinese traveller’s description about the Indian society are recorded in the book ‘Fo-Kero-Ki’?

? Fa-hien

Q. Which country has the official name of “Dhivehi Jumhuriya” in its local language?

? Maldives

Q. Who is the author of the book Equilibrium Unemployment Theory?

? Christopher A. Pissarides

Q. On which date, Flag Day of India is celebrated?

? December 7

Q. Who is the current director general of Railway Protection Force (RPF)?

? Arun Kumar

Q. Jules Rimet Trophy is related to which sports?

? Football

Q. Which among the following tunnel connects France and Italy?

? Mont Blanc Tunnel

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