General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-312)
Staff Reporter | 20-04-18

Q. Which of the following kingdoms granted the “Golden Farman” to Holland to trade freely in the state?

? Golkunda

Q. In 1293 A.D., Marco Polo, an Italian traveller, visited which Indian Kingdom?

? Kakatiya

Q. Ramman is a religious festival and ritual theatre of ____?

? Uttarkhand

Q. During the reign of Devaraya II which of the following famous temples were built in Vijaynagar empire?

? Hazura

Q. Who was wrote ‘Nagananda’?

? Harshavardhana

Q. Who represented India in the 2nd round table conference?

? Mahatma Gandhi

Q. Where are the Headquarters of New Development Bank situated?

? Shanghai (China)

Q. For the popularization of Science, which agency of awards the Kalinga Prize ?


Q. What do we call the number of water molecules present in one formula unit of a salt?

? Water of crystallisation

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