General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-310)
Staff Reporter | 20-04-16

Q. In which year , Dakshin Gangotri, India’s first settlement in Antarctica got buried in Ice?

? 1989

Q. What is the electron configuration of Radium?

? 7s2

Q. Which of the following bacteria is responsible for the formation of curd?

? Lacto-bacillus

Q. The famous painting “Bani Thani” is from which styles of Painting?

? Kishangarh Painting

Q. In which state of North east India “Dree Festival” which is a crop harvest festival is observed?

? Arunachal Pradesh

Q. Which of the Mughal emperor was known as Prince Khurram?

? Shahjahan

Q. Secretariat of SAARC Development Fund is located at:

? Thimpu

Q. “Magnus Carlsen” is a player of which sports / games?

? Chess

Q. Which of the following is a national soup of India?

? Mulligatawny Soup

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